Unexpected Surprise for Muslim Woman Who Tried to Wear Her Veil in Public

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In an incident that took place October 3, 2014, a Muslim woman was escorted from Opéra Bastille because she refused to remove her veil. This was not widely reported until several weeks later. Why would someone be asked to leave because of religious wear? Glad you asked…

France was the first westernized nation, in 2011, to ban the religious frocks and headgear in public places, such as malls, museums, parks, and yes, even the opera. The “burqa ban” prevents Muslim women from covering their faces in public – a Shariah law.

This all but forgotten regulation was thrust into the public eye when a performer in “La Traviata” , just before the second act, mentioned the veiled woman in the first row of the audience and refused to perform until the veil, or the woman, was removed. Other performers agreed, and the woman was given the choice to leave or remove her headgear. She chose the former.

France’s Ministry of Culture announced after the incident that it was working on a “new set of rules” for the ban in public places. This would affect almost five million Muslims living in France.

The United States has been hesitant to jump on this bandwagon, citing First Amendment protection. Understandably, no one wants to violate the Constitution, but private property, businesses and citizens have every right to dictate what happens on their land, their property and their stores, as long as there is a reasonable security concern. A corner store, for instance, would probably not want you coming in at 11 P.M. with nothing but your eyes showing. That’s scary.

Anyone can go on eBay or Amazon and order these items, pose as a Muslim woman, and get away with it, because no camera can capture your image and no witness could identify you. That should not be the case. Period.

It’s not very often that I would say this, but maybe France has the right idea.

H/T: The Conservative Tribune

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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