Hot Teacher Denies Having Sex With Her Student Was A Crime

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Nicole McDonough was an English teacher in New Jersey before she was arrested last week for having sex with one of her students.

McDonough, 32, has been suspended from her teaching duties at West Morris Mendham High School after being arrested for having sex with an 18 year-old student. Now, her lawyer is claiming that she is innocent of all charges, and that even if she wasn’t, sex with the student wouldn’t have been a crime anyway.


The affair between McDonough and her student reportedly occurred between May 31 and June 2 of 2014. Few details have been released, with prosecutors only saying that “McDonough engaged in a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old student while she was employed as a teacher at West Morris Mendham High School.”

The only charge against McDonough currently is official misconduct. Due to the student’s age, it is not being considered a sex crime. The teacher’s attorney, Timothy Smith, calls the case “legally and factually flawed.”

“This prosecution is obviously based on someone’s belief as to what the law should be, as opposed to what it is,” Smith added.


McDonough is a married mother of two who has been a teacher for seven years. She was arrested on Tuesday afternoon, and was then released on $75,000 bond. Despite the charges, her lawyer is positive that she will come out of this on top.

“When justice is served, it will be Nicole’s integrity, and not the integrity of those who over-zealously persecuted her, that will be preserved,” he said.

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H/T: Daily Caller

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