College Girl Strip Searched for “Speaking Out of Turn”

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The police officer in this footage arrests a young college student for “obstructing official business.” What she actually did was tell him she was a student at Ohio State, the school she formerly attended. This might seem like a minor slip-up, but apparently, the officer found it grounds to arrest and strip search the horrified girl.

The cop initially appeared to become frustrated when the female student failed to produce her I.D., which she claimed was inside of her house across the street. It would have only taken a moment for the officer to follow her to the home to retrieve it, but instead, he slapped her with a misdemeanor charges that warrant jail time and a fine.

“This is the problem,” said the female officer who hauled the poor girl off. “You just spoke out of turn one too many times instead of just doing what you were told to do.” Looks like you can be arrested for speaking out of turn these days. Add that one to the long list of legal “offenses” that the police will use to ruin your life.

Written by Jodi Swan

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