Missouri State Senator Makes Threats Against Those With “White Privilege”

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The Twitter feed of Maria Chappelle-Nadal is a running diatribe of racism, hate speech, and rebel rousing. With people like this in leadership, no wonder Ferguson erupted into a self-destructive firestorm. Refusing to acknowledge the truth about Michael Brown’s actions and refusing to diffuse the situation is a dereliction of duty.

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Just this year, the State Senator has posted a number of racially charged statements that are not encouraging. Her Happy New Year post, for instance, is at first blush benign, but when the subsequent tweets put it in context, Chappelle-Nadal’s real character becomes obvious.

tweet one

tweet two

First, an elected representative follows someone called Mike Brown Cover Up, that should be a red flag for anyone. A public official should never side explicitly and publicly against those who serve and protect. Secondly, SWAT means “special weapons and tactics”, of course they are aggressive and violent. These officers are only called into situations requiring their very specific set of skills. Ignorance of the way “the system” works virtually guarantees one will misunderstand and possibly misrepresent it.

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tweet three

Are you hearing the degrading manner in which “black males” have been singing about women for years? Are you encouraging and supporting their threats against the police? Something is wrong. There may be a handful of crooked cops out there, but waging war against all of them only leads to more loss of life. All lives matter, color, gender, station are irrelevant.

tweet four

So, mistrust of the system is a generational thing for Ms. Chappelle-Nadal. Black power is associated with all kinds of terrorism, misconduct, and intimidation. Do the people of Missouri have any idea who they have elected?

tweet five

Ummm, not really. During the hurricane in question, the black mayor of New Orleans  did not request the National Guard until after the storm struck, he did not avail himself of the facilities and vehicles prepped and ready to remove individuals from the city, and he exercised extremely poor judgment. In Ferguson, the National Guard was brought in to protect the businesses, primarily minority owned, from the rioters, primarily ignorant arsonists. Color was irrelevant in both cases as are any racial overtones one could possibly ascribe to the National Guard…which also includes a large number of minorities.

tweet six

While it is commendable that anyone in public service would volunteer to mentor youth, is it this type of influence one wants communicated to the next generation?
tweet seven

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tweet eight

Executed? Really? The children in your district would be better served by the truth. Don’t break the law and you won’t be shot by the police. The End.

tweet nine

…and the coup de gras. Yes, Ms. Chappelle-Nadal, everyone is uncomfortable with your terroristic threats. Were this comment to appear in any forum save social media, you might be arrested for it.

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What the United States of America offers to people of every color is exceptional privilege. The U.S. enjoys the most favorable minority laws ever known to exist. Minority individuals are so protected, in fact, that many institutions promote them through affirmative action. Other programs ensure new arrivals to the U.S. and those considered “minority” are first in line for government assistance with food, shelter, and education. Privilege, in this country, is color blind. Your constituents would be better served if you encouraged them to see that. Otherwise, you are just a race baiting opportunist like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. Save lives…be better.


If your actions lead to more deaths of officers or criminals because you are stirring up racial hatred for your own self-promotion, Ms. Chappelle-Nadal, these are your hands.

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