Are Malia and Sasha Becoming Bored With Exotic Travel?


January 3, 2015 7:49pm PST

December 19-January 4…Hawaii to Washington, D.C. 17 Days of Christmas, that is quite a holiday tradition.

On the first day of Christmas, the First Family leaves D.C. for Hawaii.

unenthused malia and sasha

Airforce One with two spoiled brats who have grown so accustomed to traveling to the most exotic locations with the most luxurious accommodations that a 7th trip to their father’s “birthplace” is mundane.

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Their father’s indiscriminate golf games interrupted at least two military weddings, so they don’t exactly have a role model for being kind and considerate or even patriotic. How many games of golf must one play in 17 days?

Obama-Hawaii-golfHow many times is it necessary to put your own recreation above the plans made by military brides for months, or even years? The selfishness and petulance demonstrated by the Royal Family….that is First Family is symptomatic of the obvious disdain this bunch has for everything most Americans perceive to be precious and noble.


Who wouldn’t want to go for a bike ride with dad in paradise? Malia Obama, apparently. To be fair, the first daughter is never actually alone with her father and having every moment of your vacation documented for all to see has to be a pain for a teenage girl. It’s a bike ride in Hawaii with the POTUS…how can she not at least smile?

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stopping traffic

Seriously, these two teenagers don’t even have to sit in island traffic. Everything about their annual Hawaiian vacation occurs as they want, when they want, and where they want. Only the weather is out of their control. How can they walk around this incredible place with those disgruntled looks on their faces?

girls in hawaii

Hundreds of millions of Americans have never taken such a vacation and most never will. Thousands, if not millions, of teens cannot even fathom the privileged world in which Sasha and Malia live. A little appreciation is all the American public would like to see. 2016 and the Obama’s departure from the White House will be as good for these two young women as it is for the rest of the country.

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H/T: Daily Mail



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