Women In Bikinis Suing Over Body Cavity Search On Roadside

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Two women, headed home from the beach, were searched after being stopped for speeding. Still in their swim suits, the pair were caught off guard when the officer who pulled them over indicated a cavity search would ensue. In the first part of the video, one suspect can be heard requesting permission to put on her coverup. Her request was denied.The officer initiating the stop claims to have smelled marijuana and found the unzipped shorts of one woman suspicious. He called for a female officer to back him up.

Upon arrival, the female officer appears to be informing the women about the procedure they were about to endure. “You’re gonna go up my private parts?”, questioned one suspect. The suspects claim the officer did not change gloves between exams.

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An undisclosed amount of money is being sought in the law suit. Legal analysts seem to side with the victims. Not only was there no obvious reason to pursue the cavity search, but the side of the road is hardly a proper venue for such a search even if/when it is necessary.

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The female officer has been fired and the male trooper suspended, but the lawsuit is moving forward. It is unclear if a settlement can be reached in this case.


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