Malia Obama’s White House Privilege In College Choices


January 3, 2015 5:08pm PST

Fall 2016, Malia Obama will begin college. What does she want to be when she grows up? According to her father, a filmmaker. Her private education while in Washington D.C. has been accomplished at Sidwell Friends School, a Quaker school with a list of distinguished alumni.

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Two prestigious California schools seem to be in the running for the first daughter: Stanford and University of California at Berkeley. Both schools offer majors and minors in film making, but there are distinctions. Berkeley is a public university that has a decidedly liberal leaning. Stanford, however, is somewhat more conservative, has a Republican former Secretary of State on the faculty, and is the No. 4 school in the nation according to recent academic listings. Sports at Stanford are more notable than Berkeley, and Malia has been spotted in a Stanford t-shirt.

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How much is all this going to cost? While the average college student at a four year institution is spending a little over $20,000 a year, the first daughter has chosen slightly more expensive options. Stanford’s tuition is a little more than $44,000 per year with living expenses driving total annual costs at the school to $62,000. Berkley, however, is approximately $13,000 for instate tuition. Total estimated annual expenditures are approximately $32,000. Out of state tuition and fees, should that be imposed on an Obama, is roughly $57,000.

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When the First Lady is running about encouraging children from all backgrounds to pursue further education, is she also encouraging them to take out student loans? Would she prefer they attend institutions they can afford, consider community college, or junior college? Will her child have a part time job to assist in paying the tuition, room and board at the school she will attend? Will anyone in the Obama home offer to offset the costs of Secret Service protection in the very expensive neighborhoods associated with Malia’s apparent college choices? Malia, after all, will not be eligible for much of the assistance her parents received to attend the Ivy League schools of their choice.

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