Mother Takes Topless Photo With Underage Daughter And Distributes It Throughout Two Schools

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It seems that we have another case of “act before you think,” where a Missouri mom is in a bit of trouble.  Apparently, the woman has been accused of taking a topless photo in her hot tub with her 14 year old daughter and circulating it throughout two surrounding high schools.

The woman of course denies this saying it was a foolish idea by her 13 year old daughter.  She claims that the girl candidly took the photo as the mom exited the hot tub.  When she realized what her daughter had done, she ordered her to delete the photo immediately.  The girl did not and sent it over Snapchat—a photo sharing app that only allows users a designated amount of seconds to view the photo before it is deleted.

St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar paints a different picture however.

He says that the woman intentionally took the picture with her daughter with the intent to distribute it.  Lohmar told reporters that the photo was definitely posed with sexual overtones. The prosecutor eventually went into greater detail saying that the 50 year old mother along with her underage daughter were both conspicuously covering their nipples.

The sad part about this is the daughter was already undergoing, “court-ordered counseling for circulating nude pictures of herself last year.”

The mother is being charged with misdemeanor child endangerment.

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