Obama’s Dining Hypocracy!


January 2, 2015 2:33pm PST

President Obama has tried to shove guilt down the throat of any American who makes over $30,000 annually with “Income Inequality” (meanwhile, illegally changing laws to keep illegal immigrants working in the American economy), but Obama seems to have no heavy burden about having a sizable income himself.

And with Michelle Obama spouting ridiculous “necessary changes” into YOUR child’s nutritional choices via the National School Lunch Program (condemning anyone who has a different opinion about her pathetic diet or just plain can’t get their kids to eat the crap on the menu), it’s natural to want to see what the First Family dines on themselves.

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 This holiday, while the Obama’s were on their lavish Hawaiian vacation (estimated to cost around $4 million) also includes dining at an exclusive restaurant called Vintage Cave Honolulu. Club membership costs $500,000 for a Charger Membership. If you can’t afford that much, there is the Special Member Membership for $50,000.

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But for a night of 13-15 courses and wine for two, the bill reaches just short of $1,000. For one night. The restaurant’s prix fixe menu is $295 a plate. In Obama logic policy logic, that’s about 900 of Michelle’s standard meals comprised of  basically a Lunchable and an apple.

Way to set the standard for hypocrisy in leadership examples.

(h/t: Weaselzippers)


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