Series of Ridiculously Liberal-Minded Laws Coming Into Effect in 2015

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As of January 1, several ridiculous laws will be going into effect in certain states. For starters, we bet you didn’t know that tiger selfies are about to be banned. After becoming a notorious (and dangerous) trend on Tinder, New York is making it illegal to pose for a photo with a lion, tiger or big cat.

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Sorry, New Yorkers! No more tiger selfies!

In addition to the new tiger selfie law, it’s about to be illegal not to recycle your computer. New Yorkers must start recycling other electronics, as well. They’ll no longer be allowed to throw televisions or video game consoles in the trash.

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In Michigan, buying cough and cold medicines for the purpose of making methamphetamine will be illegal. MailOnline reports that you won’t be able to ask someone else to buy the ingredients for you, either.


Sorry, meth heads!

California will start giving drivers licenses to illegals in 2015, in addition to more than 900 bills passed by the Democratic state legislature.

Let us know what you think of these unusual new laws in the comments section!

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