Purse-Snatching Thug Runs Into Army Drill Sergeant, It Doesn’t End Well For Him

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Young thug Alan White thought he’d found the perfect way to make some cash over the holiday season, but he didn’t count on an army drill sergeant foiling his crime.

Last week, the 24 year-old barged into a Manchester Walmart and snatched the purse of Rhonda Healey, 51, as she innocently looked at Christmas cards.

“Stop him, he has my wallet!” Healey yelled as White made his escape. However, the punk didn’t get very far.

Alerted by Healey’s yells, an army drill sergeant who just returned from a nine month tour in Afghanistan took action. Drill sergeant Rick White, no relation to the thief, immediately took the purse snatcher down. He then placed him in a Jiu Jitsu-style arm-bar and initiated a wrist-lock, leaving the thief powerless.

Law enforcement soon arrived and arrested Alan White. While the drill sergeant is being hailed as a hero, he says he was just doing his job.

“To me it wasn’t a big thing. I am just glad I could help out,” Rick White said.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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