New Law Allows Schools To Punish Students For Things They Do At Home

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If you live in Illinois, you need to read this…

A new law is set to take effect there on January 1 that will allow schools to punish students for cyberbullying, whether it happens on school grounds or not. This means that if a child writes something “offensive” online from the comfort of their own home on a Saturday, the school will be allowed to swoop in and punish them as if it was done at school.

Parents are outraged by the law, which affectively takes away their control in their own homes. While no one likes cyber bullying, this law presents a slippery slope that will give more and more control of your children over to their teachers.

The law in place at the moment forbids children from engaging in cyberbullying on school grounds, or from using school equipment to do so. This law will end on January 1, and even Illinois teachers are uncomfortable with the new law.

“It’s really a situation where you would hope schools would deal with bullying, no matter when the harm happens,” said a local principal, “but if it’s happening off school grounds and it’s not tied to the school, then there’s always the question: Should it be handled by someone else?”

Yes, it should be handled by their parents. If the situation continues to escalate, it’s up to the police, but the teachers lose their power over our children when they leave school grounds. Period.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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