Multiple Assassination Attempts on Police and Firefighters During Week of Christmas

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America’s police and firefighters have seen an uptick in assassination attempts and attacks by angry mobs at crime scenes during the week of Christmas. There were at least four assassination attempts on police officers and firefighters and two killings of police offers who were shot responding to calls.

According to NBC LA, a tactical alert was declared in Los Angeles on Sunday night after two men opened fire on a patrol car.

Dozens of police officers swarmed a South Los Angeles neighborhood Sunday night in search of a gunman after an LAPD patrol car was shot at with a rifle, officials said.

The department declared a citywide tactical alert, sending every available officer to the area of 62nd and Hoover streets, LAPD officials said.

Officers were driving in the area about 9:30 p.m. when their squad car was fired upon by two people, police said.

The officers fired back, but the two people fled.

No one was hurt in that attack.

Florida and North Carolina also experienced assassination attempts last week. Firefighters in Jacksonville, FL were sprayed with gunfire in a drive-by shooting last Tuesday. On Christmas night, a policeman barely avoided being assassinated when a man drew a gun on him, firing six shots but never hitting the officer, according to Action News Jax.

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department Station 28 was shot at in a drive-by shooting on Tuesday night.

Jacksonville Association of Firefighters President Randy Wyse confirmed to Action News that firefighters called him and told him about the shooting.

According to Lt. Jackson Short of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, five or six firefighters were outside of Station 28 pumping gas at the city gas pumps next to the station at the time of the shooting.

A firefighter was hit in the arm by a ricochet bullet, but his injury is minor and he will not need stitches, Short said.

Police officers in Texas City, TX and Delray, FL were attacked by mobs as well. In Texas City, officers were attacked on Friday morning following an incident where an officer shot and killed a gun-wielding man outside of a night club. In Delray, two police officers were attacked by a mob of over 20 people after the officers reportedly smelled marijuana and attempted to investigate.

With tensions between civilians and law enforcement on the rise, this type of behavior is becoming increasingly dangerous for everyone.

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