Obama to “White” People: You Don’t Know How Much I’ve Done for You

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In a recent interview with NPR, Obama tried to justify the colossal shellacking he received in the midterms by saying that white people just don’t understand how much he’s done for them. It’s not racist if a black guy says it…

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The President said in the interview, which aired Monday:

I do think that right now there are a lot of white working-class voters who haven’t seen enough progress economically in their own lives, and despite the work that we’ve done to try to strengthen the economy and address issues like child care or minimum wage or increasing manufacturing, that’s not what they read about or hear about in the newspapers. They hear about an immigration debate or they hear about, you know, debate surrounding Ferguson, and they think, “I’m being left out. Nobody seems to be thinking about how tough it is for me right now,” or, “I’ve been downscaled, I’ve lost my job,” etc.

You know, part of my responsibility then is to communicate directly to those voters. And part of the Democratic Party’s job is to communicate directly to those voters and say to them, “You know what? We’re fighting for you.”

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Obama took time out of his busy schedule to record this statement before he embarked on his annual Hawaiian vacation. You know, the one the “white working-class” pays for every year.

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