“Open Season” on Cops: Five More Assassination Attempts, Two Murders

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Since the deaths of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu days before Christmas, there have been five more assassination attempts on firefighters and cops. Sadly, two law enforcement officers have been fatally shot while responding to calls, and others are being attacked by angry mobs at crime scenes. Thanks to Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton, the ghetto black communities of America have declared open season on law enforcement.

On Sunday, a pair of thugs fired a shotgun at a police vehicle on patrol in Los Angeles, Ca. There were two officers in the cruiser, but neither one was injured in the attack. They returned fire and one suspect was taken into custody.

Firefighters in Jacksonville, Fl. were sprayed with gunfire during a drive-by shooting last Tuesday night. One man was injured by a ricochet bullet which grazed his arm.

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Also in Florida, two Pasco County sheriff’s deputies were sitting in their patrol cars early on Sunday, when a drive-by shooter fired three shots at them. They all missed, but passed so closely by the officers that they were able to hear them whizzing past.

Again in Florida, Charles Kondek was fatally shot when he responded to a noise complaint. The suspect ran over the Tarpon Springs Police Officer after shooting him.

Once again in Florida, Delray police were attacked by an angry mob. Two cops were assaulted and the window of a police vehicle was smashed.

A pair of thugs attempted to assassinated a police officer in Durham, Nc. on Christmas night. Luckily, Police Officer J.T. West noticed the black men approaching his squad car in his rear-view mirror. He exited the vehicle to confront them, at which time one assailant opened fire without saying a word, much the same way Ismaaiyl Brinsley ambushed Ramos and Liu. West returned fire and only incurred a wrist injury when he dove for cover behind an abandoned apartment building.

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Tyler Stewart, a Flagstaff, Az. officer, was killed when he responded to a domestic violence call on Saturday. The shooter then turned the gun on himself, as Brinsley did. Stewart was only 24-years-old.

In Texas City, Tx., officers were attacked by a violent mob after a cop fatally shot a black man who was firing a weapon at patrons leaving a bar. The suspect aimed his weapon at the responding officer and was subsequently gunned down. Surveillance footage showed the man’s erratic behavior, but the crowd still threw bottles and other hard objects at the officers who responded to the scene.

In New York City, the Black Guerilla Family, a prison gang, targeted a police station on Tuesday. In response, firefighters from the station next door abandoned their post. The FBI has reported that the same gang is targeting white police officers in Maryland.

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A Bronx teen also aimed a gun in a police officer’s face last week and pulled the trigger. Luckily, it was empty.

Many of these attacks bear close enough resemblance to the assassinations of Ramos and Liu to be labeled “copy cats.” If Brinsley sought to initiate a war on law enforcement when he murdered two NYPD officers, he may have succeeded in that demonic plan. Sadly, the President of the United States, who helped in large part to create this level of disdain for those who protect and serve, has not lifted a finger to ease nationwide tensions. Currently, he sits on a Hawaiian island, enjoying a lavish 17-day vacation courtesy of the American tax-payer, and cannot be bothered to do his job.

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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