Bar CEO Fires Waitress For Refusing To Do This On Camera

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This week’s episode of CBS’s Undercover Boss focused on Bikinis Sports Bar And Grill, a restaurant in which the sexy waitresses strut around in bikini tops, jean shorts, and cowboy boots.


CEO Doug Guller disguised himself as a new employee so that he could see what really goes on at his establishment, and he was not happy by what he found. He was immediately outraged to find bartender Jessica wearing a T-shirt, because she didn’t want to be filmed in a bikini top.

“That’s not what we do here at Bikinis,” an angry Guller said. “We wear bikinis, jean shorts, and cowboy boots.”

Ironically, Guller himself was wearing a T-shirt and jeans at the time.


Later in the episode, a tearful Jessica admitted she’s a former logistics expert who lost her job, and only took this one to make ends meet. Despite this, Guller ended up firing her for her refusal to appear in a bikini on camera.

After firing Jessica, Guller told her coworker Gracie that he would give her a free boob job if she continues to work with an enthusiastic attitude for six months.


Liberals everywhere were outraged by Guller’s behavior, dubbing him a hypocritical sexist. What do you think? Did he cross the line here, or is he just trying to run a business? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Daily Mail

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