Here’s Why the Government is Buying Coffins in Bulk

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Months ago, the U.S. government mysteriously spent millions of dollars on FEMA coffins, which are specially designed coffins that are meant to be used on those who die of infectious diseases.

At the time, the government claimed they were bought for Ebola. However, the epidemic didn’t claim any American victims, leaving many to question what the true reason behind the FEMA coffins was.

Blogger Brendan Smith came across a stockpile of FEMA coffins in Georgia back in October, proving that the government had been stocking up on them for years in preparation for a mass pandemic.

“The CDC coffins in Madison, Georgia, though, ARE designed to prevent spread of infection,” Smith wrote. “In fact, the patent for these coffins confirms that they are meant for the burial or cremation of bodies exposed to infectious diseases.”

“Our government was so certain of a viral catastrophe they purchased fields full of sealing coffins to be ready for it; not to prevent it, but to have the means to clean up after it,” Smith added.

With Ebola seemingly gone for now, what could the true purpose for these coffins be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

H/T: Natural News

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