Radical Islamic Cleric Teaches Men How to Beat Their Wives on National TV

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Video footage from June 20, 2005, shows Bahraini Cleric Abdullah Aal Mahmud teaching his radical Islamic followers how to beat their wives.

Mahmud appears to rationalize the beating of women by saying it must never be done “in front of the children,” and a man “must not cause bleeding or bruise her body.”

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In a statement of supreme hypocrisy, Mahmud claims that “the woman is not [her husband’s] merchandise.” It seems to me that encouraging the beating of a woman as punishment likens her quite closely to a piece of merchandise, as do the practices of raping and enslaving women, which are prevalent in Islamic cultures.

This is irrefutable proof that Islam is not the “religion of peace” that progressives bill it as. It also puts into perspective the brutal acts of terrorist organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda. If these Muslims are willing to beat their wives, carrying out barbaric acts of brutality on others is no big deal in their demented minds.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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