Walmart Caught Funding Al Sharpton

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For many years, Walmart has been generously giving corporate funds to Al Sharpton’s organization, the National Action Network. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with NAN, it’s basically a race-baiting machine created by Sharpton to further his progressive agenda, create an even larger racial divide in America and make Sharpton money. Though NAN is billed as a civil rights group, it is anything but.

Sharpton and NAN have gained a lot of attention in recent years, as they positioned themselves at the center of such high-profile cases as Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Eric Garner. None of these should have been civil rights cases, but thanks to Sharpton, that’s exactly what they became.

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In the wake of the assassinations of two NYPD officers at the hands of a man who was directly motivated by Sharpton’s words, agenda and directives following the deaths of Brown and Garner, many believe Sharpton has blood on his hands. The National Legal and Policy Center, a government watchdog group, has made repeated requests to Walmart to stop funding NAN, in light of the police officers’ murders. Walmart appears to be standing their ground, as they have not announced a change in their policy of funding Sharpton and NAN.

“Our support for NAN is focused on addressing health and wellness issues and other issues important to our customers and associates,” the retail giant wrote in a 2009 email to shareholders. “Our company will continue to support organizations that can further our mission to help people live better.”

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What Walmart is really saying, is that they want to help black people live better, regardless of their behavior, not all people. That is the agenda of NAN. They do not blink an eye when an innocent white individual is murdered in cold blood. But the death of a common street thug – as long as they’re black – warrants nationwide outrage. By the same token, Walmart apparently does not include police officers in the scope of people they want to help live better. When Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were fatally shot, was NAN outraged? Did they send flowers to the families of the deceased and hold press conferences by their sides? You know the answer to that one.

The fact that any business is still in bed with Al Sharpton is sickening, considering recent events. Share this report if you’ll think twice before shopping at Walmart in the future.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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