Obama Administration Defends Terrorist Groups Identified by FBI and UAE


December 29, 2014 6:17am PST

November 15, 2014 Dubai, UAE. The United Arab Emirates published a “black list” of terrorist organizations. In total, 83 organizations are on the foreign terror watch list for this wealthy nation. How many are on the list for the U.S? 59.

Lists of terrorist groups in both countries are substantial and likely not exhaustive. What is interesting, however, is the inclusion of “front groups” which may appear to be non-violent but which funnel monies to other groups that do engage in physical terrorism on the UAE list.

The Obama administration is whining about the inclusion of two U.S. based groups: The Counsel for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS). With demonstrated ties and sympathy for Hamas and other terrorists, CAIR has long been a controversial entity. In fact, as of 2009 the FBI severed ties with the group. CAIR has associations with groups that work with the Muslim Brotherhood, which occupies the number one position on UAE’s list of terrorist organizations.

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To be fair, the U.S. is not the only country disgruntled by inclusion. Great Britain and a host of other European countries had groups make the list. The UAE has offered to allow these groups to appeal their inclusion through the court system. That seems fair, after all, it is their list and a free country should be able to include whomever they perceive to be a threat in any way. Not all terrorism involves physical violence. By broadly defining what “terror” is, perhaps the UAE can better serve its citizens. They have never been targeted by Islamic Jihad, so maybe they are doing something right.

Of course, neither CAIR nor MAS would appear on our foreign terrorist watch list as they are based in the United States. When one researches the domestic terrorists list, however, there is a remarkable absence of any and all Islamic groups. In the top ten there are street gangs, violent Christians, animal activists, and even environmentalists….but no Muslims.

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Routine visits to the White House by the leaders of CAIR wouldn’t have anything to do with their absence, would it? When a White House spokesman was questioned about frequent meetings between the President and CAIR leadership, he insisted that CAIR was just one of many faith based groups with whom the White House meets regularly. The administration needs to produce THAT list. Exactly which faiths are being properly represented to the executive branch?

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