Armed Intruders Get What They Deserve In Memphis

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Memphis, Tennessee. For the second time this month, armed intruders have been met with armed would be victims and paid the ultimate price for their bad judgment. Denison Street has reportedly had problems for “decades” and residents of the area have had enough.

On the morning in question, three armed robbers attempted to enter a residence. The occupant of the home warned them not to come any closer. They did, he shot, two of them are dead. Jordan Mitchell, 18, and Melvin Atkins, 20, were fatally wounded during this home invasion. A third suspect is still being sought by the police.

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A neighbor reported that about a year ago, this same man was targeted. He was followed into his home, beaten and had his truck stolen. It would appear this man has had enough. No charges have been filed against him. As one neighbor states, “its common sense” that most people with a gun would do the same thing to protect their home.

In fact, judging by the number of security cameras in the area, it is safe to assume all of southeast Memphis is fed up with crime. Taking back their neighborhoods has to be empowering. God speed.

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H/T: The Blaze

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