Democrats Refuse To Put “Christmas” On X-Mas Cards

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According to the Washington Examiner, “Christmas” is MIA at the DNC.

The Democratic National Committee recently polled their supporters to decide on a Christmas card to send to the First Family. There was just one problem: they refused to actually use the word “Christmas.”

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“Which holiday card should we send to the Obamas?” asked the survey in an email. Note the use of the word “holiday” in place of “Christmas,” despite the fact that the Obamas claim to be Christians who celebrate Christmas and even lit the National Christmas Tree this season. Members of the DNC were then asked to choose between three options, all of them containing images associated with Christmas, but never the actual word. Take a look:




As Headline Politics points out, Democrats consistently struggle when it comes to Christmas spirit, claiming they don’t want to offend anybody. (Unless there’s a chance to offend Republicans. In that case, they’re all about it.)

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