Officer Shoots Armed Thug, Race Rioters React by Doing This

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A 20-year-old Texas man was fatally shot by police in the early hours of the morning on Friday. Carlton Smith was standing outside of H.T.’s Lounge in Texas City, firing a handgun at customers leaving the bar.

A manager from H.T.’s Lounge called police at around 1 a.m., and when they arrived, Smith pointed his weapon at an officer, prompting him to open fire on the suspect. Smith was fatally wounded, which inspired more than 100 bystanders to react by flooding the scene and throwing bottles and other hard objects at police officers. This, even though Smith was clearly endangering the lives of innocent people.

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Texas City police spokesman, Sgt. Joe Stanton, reported that no one was injured in the attacks on police, and implored the community for an “opportunity to get to the truth” before any brash decisions are made. It is important to note that while racial tensions are high at the moment, this is the first officer-involved shooting fatality in Texas City in more than a decade.


Harris Aldridge, the owner of H.T.’s Lounge, reviewed surveillance footage of the incident, which confirmed that Smith had moved towards the cop with a firearm. “The decision was to turn towards the officer and point his handgun at the officer,” Texas City Police Chief Robert Burby said. “The officer then fired his weapon, striking the deceased.”

Civil rights activists have already compared Smith’s shooting to Michael Brown’s in Ferguson, MO. “This brother was assassinated,” King Yashua , minister of defense and co-founder of the Nation of Liberation, told the Houston Chronicle. “It’s just like Ferguson.”

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Smith clearly was not assassinated. However, the situation in Texas City was comparable to that in Ferguson in other aspects. Specifically, a dangerous thug was fatally shot by police and the community quickly over-reacted, because he was black.

This serves as proof that the angry race rioters protesting nationwide do not care about the evidence or facts surrounding a case in the slightest. If the suspect is black, no other information matters to these people.

H/T: The Blaze

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