​Wife-Beater Leaves Jail After Apologizing To Judge, Brutally Murders Wife 1 Month Later​

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A violent alcoholic reportedly got out of prison for apologizing for attacking his wife. Just weeks after the man, Charles Forster, was released, he beat his wife to death.

Subsequent to the event, police are ceasing what is called “restorative justice.”

The Daily Mail reported:

Forster had been visited by Durham Police four times but was never prosecuted. On April 20, 2011, officers visited the couple’s home near Bishop Auckland after one of their children reported her mother had a badly bruised face.

Mrs Forster, 51, tearfully told a female constable that her alcoholic husband had pushed her during an argument, causing her to bang her head.

The woman, however did not want to press charges. Since Mr. Forster appeared to be remorseful, he was given restorative justice.

He murdered his wife just 27 days later.

During the murder, neighbors heard Mr. Forster yelling, “Get up off the floor! I’m going to f***ing kill you.” He was also striking her with a metal walking stick.

As a result of the incident, Forster was given 13 years behind bars. He died in jail last month.

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