Tunisia Defeats Muslim Brotherhood Ending Arab ‘Spring’

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December 17, 2010, Tunisia. The protest of a disgruntled man selling vegetables was to set himself on fire in front of the local governor’s office sparking a revolt against the dictator in power. The Arab Spring effectively began with that act. Egypt, Lybia, Yemen, and Syria would follow suit and eventually the Muslim Brotherhood would come to power in those countries.

Egypt has now ousted all members of the Brotherhood from power and declared that organization “terrorist”. Earlier this week, Tunisians took similar action and returned their country to a state of moderation and acceptance. Lybia is effectively a failed state. Various tribal leaders have divided the country with some favoring the “government” in Tripoli and others an assembly in Tobruk. Islamic factions have all but destroyed Lybia.

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With the rise of ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood has suffered defeat after defeat as moderate Muslims seek to avoid radical Islam. Many contend the Brotherhood is not as radical as ISIS, but their ideology is practically identical. Only their tactics differ. Recent developments are not necessarily the end of the Muslim Brotherhood, but hopefully that end will come sooner than later.

Qatar has recently added its disapproval of the Brotherhood. As states like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia recalled ambassadors from Qatar, leadership there felt it prudent to accept newly elected, moderate leaders in neighboring nations in order to maintain relations with allies in the region. Positive peer pressure, as it were, is creating a shift back toward a moderate climate in the Middle East.

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It would appear even the coverage of al-Jazeera is shifting. Formerly ardent supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, this station is now offering a more moderate position related to the newly elected parliaments of former Brotherhood strongholds. This is progress.

The last bastion of the Muslim Brotherhood is Turkey which is operating in relative isolation. Is this good for Israel and the U.S.? That remains to be seen. As support wanes for the Muslim Brotherhood, these terrorists could go  to more radical sources for aid. Hamas, for instance, is openly seeking assistance from Iran. This could become a trend.

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Perhaps the most disturbing possible outcome would be the alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood with ISIS. Moderate, pro-West states are going to be necessary if ISIS is to be defeated. The Brotherhood further involving terrorist nations and allying with other arms of radical Islam would not be good for America or her allies.

Kurdish fighters are currently engaging ISIS in a daily battle, and succeeding, with little assistance from the West. In fact, Obama is still aiding Turkey, the last country standing from the Arab Spring. Perhaps a new strategy and alliance are in order.

H/T: Times Of Israel


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