Obama Celebrates Christmas Eve by Enforcing Devastating Anti-Gun Treaty

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While you were gathering with your family on Christmas Eve, drinking egg nog and exchanging gifts, Obama was quietly enacting a devastating anti-gun treaty. The UN’s Arms Trade Treaty took affect on December 24, 90 days after it was ratified by 50 nations on September 25.

The Daily Signal points out that the ATT is a “present of peace to the world,” so the timing of it suits the leftist propaganda perfectly. The Obama Administration made a devastating mistake when the ATT was signed by the U.S. in 2013. What purports to stop the sale of guns to terrorists is actually a sneaky way of preventing Israel from defending itself, allowing left-wing activists to dictate U.S. foreign policy and giving anti-gun advocates a leg up.

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The most notable way that the ATT will effect Americans who value the Second Amendment, is in the way that it will make the import of firearms significantly more difficult. The U.S. firearms market is international, and the UN is already hard at work trying to link the ATT to other initiatives that are explicitly designed to restrict private firearms ownership.

Once again, Obama has exceeded the limits of his authority by promising U.S. involvement in this anti-gun legislation, even though the Senate has not ratified it. Still, treaty advocates within the UN claim that the ATT is international law, and therefore, the U.S. must abide by it. Our rotten Commander-in-Chief has gotten America into yet another sticky situation as a result of his personal disdain for the U.S. Constitution.

If you believe Congress should stand up to Obama and the progressive, anti-gun agenda by stopping the ATT from being enforced in the U.S., share this report!

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