North Korea Calls Obama a ‘Monkey in the Forest’

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When one lives under a repressive regime where one only gets the “news” deemed relevant by one’s country, it would be difficult for one to understand how free speech actually works. Even under what many Americans perceive as a repressive administration who has the mainstream media in its pocket, most U.S. citizens cannot fathom the lack of access to information experienced by North Koreans. Recent internet outages in the small country were met with the response “North Korea has the internet?”, by most Americans.

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Add the ridiculous controversy over a comedic movie aimed at poking a little fun at a mysterious dictator, and most Americans are just downright confused. What’s the big deal? In the U.S., it is commonly applauded when artists of all kinds push the envelope. The people vote with their pocketbooks. This movie will receive a far greater audience and broader support because of the backlash from the communists in North Korea. Which is why, of course, a number of cynics believe there was no “hack” on Sony, it was just a publicity stunt.

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Regardless, if North Koreans really believe the POTUS has a vested interest in the release of a comedy, it is sad. If liberals can’t have a good laugh at Asian racists and this tweet, that is even sadder. It merely proves that the good people of North Korea deserve better than their current system of government which has completely gone off the deep end even threatening further attacks on the U.S.

Monkey tweet

No matter how many brain washed, lock-step, malnourished soldiers the North Koreans could employ, they are threatening the greatest country on earth….with equipment from the 1960s. Please. While they may be able to briefly interrupt some business operations with hackers or even steal a few identities, in real terms they are no match for the United States of America, even under our current pathetic administration. The mere implication that they would make such a threat demonstrates the grand delusion under which that country is living. It makes one ponder: Is it sad or comical? Is “The Interview” even any good? How does that funny looking kid stay in power?

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