Sharpton To Slain NYPD: No Peace For Funeral

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After race-baiting New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, proponent of police brutality  and instigating the type of hype that inspired his own citizens to go out and assasinate two NYPD police officers, it seems that the reality and gravity of his words and actions has hit him smack in the eyes.


Already banned from police funerals in New York for pushing the “I can’t breathe” meme down everyone’s throat, de Blasio has turned a corner and asked that the protests and race riots be held off until after the funerals for officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.

But fellow race-baiter Al Sharpton is all too eager to get himself some more national attention via disrespecting dead men.

Conservative Tribune reports:

“Calling the mayor’s plea to halt the protests temporarily “an ill-defined request,” Sharpton announced he has no plans to stop his series of “prayer vigils,” protests, die-ins”

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As someone who likens himself to Martin Luther King, Jr as a man that can unite the world and claims to be the supreme religious man (hey…isn’t there a chapter in the Bible on this?) Sharpton’s murder inspiration count is rising by the week. Completely without respect for the dead, Sharpton has alread marched down Fifth Avenue since the murders.

President Obama, still on vacation in Hawaii, has yet to get on camera and comment on the deaths of the Officers, unlike his immediate appearance after St. Louis County grand jury announced that there would be no indictment for Officer Darren Wilson. Nor has he made plans to leave the vacation early to set an example for the country he was elected to care for and attend the fallen officer’s funerals.

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