Walgreens Disrespects Wounded Marine

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A U.S. Marine from North Texas was kicked out of his local Walgreens store for bringing his service dog with him. Christopher Goodson said the incident happened in Mesquite, at the store on Galloway Ave.

Goodson ran into the Walgreens location quickly to grab a drink, when he was promptly told by a manager to “get the dog out.” Goodson tried to explain to the manager that his dog, Ben, is a service animal. Ben wasn’t wearing his vest, but Goodson produced the dog’s special ID card as proof. Still, the manager made the pair leave immediately, refusing to serve a man who had served his country in immeasurable ways.

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Wounded American Warrior notes that according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, service dogs are not required to wear any special vest. “There doesn’t have to be any sort of vest or any sort of markings on the service animal to say it’s a service animal to be in compliance with the ADA,” explained attorney Pete Schulte.

A spokesman for Walgreens stated, “Service animals are welcome in our stores, and we understand the help they provide….we will make sure our employees at this store fully understand the rights for use of service animals.”

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