17,000 PEGIDA Citizens Sing Christmas Carols To Furious Muslims

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This last week, German citizens have had enough of Islam’s aggrandizing of Sharia Law. Organized by PEGIDA (translated, means Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West), over 17,000 German citizens gathered in Dresden in peaceful protest, holding banners that said things like “Against Hatred, Violence, and the Quran” and “No Sharia in Europe”.

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Handing out song sheets, a large portion of the crowd sang Christmas carols to celebrate Christmas and protest the very core of Islamic belief and behavior.

Since seeing an influx of Muslim immigrants, likewise there has been an increase in tension and violence among the different Islamic factions such as the Kurds and Salafist minorities.

Conservative Tribune nails the real underlying issue as a liberal, PC-spouting, self-centered government:

“There are similarities between the German concern about radical Islam and similar sentiment in the United States. In both countries, a high number of people are worried about extremist violence, while the government seems to turn a blind eye to troubling trends.”

Angela Merkel, German Chancellor and head of the Christian Democratic Union,  is taking a position eerily similar to liberals here in the U.S. Merkel is insinuating that PEGIDA has an ulterior motive for the protest and it’s rumored she warned citizens to “watch out that they are not instrumentalized by the organizers”.

What a shame that government is more concerned with clear messages in a peaceful protest rally by it’s own native citizens than the overt threats and lack of hesitation to act violently in radical Muslim groups.

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