Major Airline Disrespects Veteran

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Marine veteran Eric Calley suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He was traveling from Florida to Detroit on Dec. 7 with his Doberman, Sun, who is trained to help veterans with his condition. Unfortunately, he experienced a bit of unexpected turbulence during the US Airways flight.

Sun placed her paws on an unoccupied seat, which prompted a flight attendant to move from first class to coach to yell at Calley for his pooch’s behavior. “He started telling us that he was going to have the police waiting when we landed because we were being hostile,” Chuck Aaron, another veteran on the flight, recalled. “It was blatant disrespect.”

Calley received a “letter of apology” from US Airways after the flight attendant’s deplorable attitude caused about a dozen passengers from the flight to file complaints with the airline after they landed. However, the veteran is speaking out about what happened to him in order to alert others to the rights and needs of veterans with PTSD, according to Wounded American Warrior.

“We are going to continue to have this huge influx of new veterans coming back,” Calley said. “And it can take a veteran four to five years after getting out to even attempt to get help. The thing I want US Airways to understand is that this is going to be a growing problem. There will be 10 others like me.”

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