Christians Give Radical Muslims Epic “Christmas Present”

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Last week Pakistan suffered a horrible Islamic Taliban terrorist attack on a school full of students. 132 students and staff were killed, making this one of the worst Taliban attacks in the Pakistani city of Peshawar.

(See More: 132 Children Dead In Terror Attack On School, Tehreek-e-Taliban Takes Credit)

Despite being a Muslim hotbed, Pakistan has a substantial Christian population that lives in danger most of their day due to their beliefs. And they have been stepping out in heroic efforts to protest the mass killing at the Peshawar school. Taking to the streets and holding signs that say “United We Stand” and other uplifting phrases.

A few days ago, however, protesters found a way to really zing Muslims and Taliban members into a state of fury. A big group of the protesting Christians suited up for the occasion, literally.


As you can guess, Santa is a big symbol of Christianity to die-hard Muslims (which is most of Pakistan) and the bravery these Christians took in celebrating their beliefs while standing up for their right to believe it was a huge single-digit salute to the Taliban. A beautiful present just in time for Christmas.

The Pakistani Christians were expecting the US to step in, but Obama issued a shameful White House statement, completely downplaying the fact that this attack was caused by radical Islamic terrorist group Taliban. They do, however, have support of some military commanders on Pakistan soil who deployed drone fleets to take out a few of the attackers.

(h/t: Conservative Tribune)

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