Obama Won’t Be Attending Fallen Cops’ Funerals

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Following the murder of two NYPD cops, President Obama has announced that he will not be attending their funerals.

Their murders come amid race riots around the country. But rather than aligning himself with the side of lawfulness and uniting Americans, President Obama has continued to stoke racial tensions.

According to The Weekly Standard, President Obama will continue vacationing in Hawaii rather than attend the funerals of the fallen cops.

Apparently golfing is more important that sending a critical message to the race rioters: violence will not be tolerated.

Many have blamed the cops’ murders on the Obama Administration, as it refuses to speak out against the actions of the race rioters. Race hustlers like New York City Mayor De Blasio and Al Sharpton have also been blamed for the increasing violence and racial tension.

What do you think? Should Obama cancel his vacation and attend the funerals of the New York cops?

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