Bowe Bergdahl Gets Some Bad News

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Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon has testified in court and it ain’t lookin’ too good for the deserter, who was traded for five high-ranking Islamic terrorists. Retired SPC Cody Full was very clear about what happened when Bergdahl left his post, and it wasn’t because he got lost.

“We’ve heard substantial evidence that Sgt. Bergdahl acted in an inappropriate and inexplicable manner,” said Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) during the hearing. “Can you describe the kinds of stresses that Sgt. Bergdahl would have faced in Afghanistan and whether that would cause someone – not everyone, but some – to act in an inexplicable manner?” he continued, trying to bait Full into excusing Bergdahl’s desertion.

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“I was with Bergdahl and at the same location,” responded SPC Cody Full. “I could give you a first-hand account of exactly what Bowe Bergdahl was going through, because I went through the exact same conditions.”

Full proceeded to explain exactly what he and Bergdahl had experienced during their deployment. “We were at an observation post, it was very primitive, we had to eat Meals-Ready-To-Eat (MREs), which are heated up with water,” recounted Full.

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“It was very hot, very dirty. We went without showers for certain days, didn’t get phone calls or any comforts of home, but it didn’t effect anybody else there. We all continued the mission and upheld our oath. Everybody deals with mental issues in some form or another if they deploy to Afghanistan or Iraq. Everybody else still came back from that same platoon. Nobody else deserted on their own. So there’s nothing, in my opinion, that was so bad that forced him to walk off on his own accord, caused by anything going on over there. He walked off on his own accord,” Full concluded.

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