American Sniper’s Dad Puts Clint Eastwood in His Place

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Wayne Kyle’s son, Chris Kyle, was one of the most prolific snipers in the history of the United States. After returning from his deployment, he penned an autobiography entitled ‘American Sniper.’ He was subsequently killed in 2013 by another veteran whom he was helping recover from PTSD. Now, his story is being made into a major motion picture directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper.

Eastwood and Cooper flew to Texas to meet with Wayne Kyle before beginning to film the movie. The father was friendly, but firm with them about the way he expected the memory of his son to be treated. “I told them I would unleash hell on them if they did anything to disrespect my son,” said Kyle. “I liked them both. The fact that they came to Texas to meet with me showed they were serious about what they were going to do.”

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“I liked Mr. Cooper,” he continued. “He was very respectful and honest and so was Mr. Eastwood. Of course I know the story that is going to be told, but even so it will be difficult to watch. My main concern has always been that the film will disrespect his honor and all that he did while he was serving in Iraq.”

Eastwood and Cooper assured Kyle that his son’s legacy would be kept intact. Chris Kyle killed over 250 enemy combatants in Iraq. According to IJ Review, the Pentagon has confirmed 160 of his kills and the remainder were listed as ‘probable,’ due to impossibility of complete confirmation as a result of combat conditions. He was discharged in 2009 after being shot three times and injured in six IED bomb attacks.

‘American Sniper’ will be out on Christmas Day. Share this report if you can’t wait to see it!

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