Walmart’s Pro Gay Agenda Exposed

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Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) has exposed Walmart’s little-known pro-gay agenda. Specifically, the world’s largest retail chain has recently given large amounts of their profits to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. “When you start giving money to groups like that, it’s a tip off that they’ve started to play the pro-gay game,” AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera told Western Journalism.

Walmart has also been working behind the scenes to get openly gay officials elected to public office, revealed LaBarbera. The company’s score on the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) serves as proof that they have aligned their corporate identity with the pro-gay agenda. Walmart’s CEI score has gone from 40 percent to 90 percent since 2008.

LaBarbera described the CEI system as the “biggest scam of all time.” Companies get points for donating corporate funds to gay activist groups, while a donation to an organization like AFTAH would result in a 25 point reduction. “It’s a totally rigged system,” said LaBarbera, “and all these companies are pandering to it.”

Walmart’s pro-gay stance is in direct contrast to the views of their mostly conservative consumer base, which may be why they are not more forward regarding their support for the LGBT community. Additionally, LaBarbera explained that “corporations are all running scared” from “the media and the homosexual groups.” In their endless quest for equality, they are concerned with appeasing those who will raise the most hell if you tick them off. “Now the gay activists are going to be on Walmart’s tail forever,” LaBarbera predicted.

The only way for Walmart to achieve a perfect 100 CEI score would be to start offering gender reassignment surgery to their employees under their healthcare coverage. Do you think they will make such a controversial and costly move? Tell us what you think of Walmart’s pro-gay stance in the comments section!

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