New Disease Takes America By Storm, And It’s Spreading Fast

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A nasty outbreak of influenza is spreading around the country like wildfire, and thousands are now at risk of being infected.

The virus came to us courtesy of illegal immigrants, who brought it across our borders and then took it all over America. As of now, thirteen states have reported high levels of the flu, while six have reported moderate levels of the illness. Some schools have even had to close down due to too many sick students.


Health officials say this year’s flu outbreak is worse than normal because the strain H3N2, is different than what this year’s vaccine was designed for, namely the H1N1 strain. Despite this, doctors still recommend everyone get a flu shot.

“The stuff that’s circulating out there is different than what they made the vaccine against,” said CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook. “Though unfortunately, as of today, it’s only about 30 percent well-matched.”

If you’re out and about this holiday season, be sure to watch your hands and be careful who you’re around: you do NOT want to come down with this flu…

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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