Obama Caught Hiding THIS From Congress, “Everything Is Confidential”

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Congress is livid this week after Obama refused to give them any information on his decision to release three Cuban spies. The president wouldn’t even explain to them why their release was needed, cutting congress out of the loop completely.

Members of congress met with White House staffers on Friday to discuss the spy swap, but insiders say they were told all the information about the trade is between the White House and Attorney General Eric Holder. “Everything is confidential,” the incensed members of congress were told.

Administrators told the congressmen that the White House led negotiations with Cuba. Since these types of negotiations are usually led by the state department, the members of congress were suspicious.

It’s really unprecedented for the White House to lead these negotiations,”an anonymous aide said.

The White House is claiming executive privilege in this case, and the Obama administration encouraged congress to ask the FBI and other national agencies if they recommended the Cuban spies release. This could be a way to get around the executive privilege, since Obama is keeping his mouth shut and not telling congress anything.

This is yet another example of “King Obama” trying to reign over his kingdom with an iron fist. He wants to keep the power between him and his minion Eric Holder, and to cut out everyone else from the system.

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H/T: The Blaze

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