Bad News for Darren Wilson

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In a Friday interview with radio station KTRS, Ferguson prosecutor Bob McCulloch admitted that he presented evidence he knew to be false to the grand jury considering charges against Darren Wilson. This startling admission could ignite the case against Wilson once again.

Think Progress reports:

In an interview with radio station KTRS on Friday, McCulloch said that he decided to present witnesses that were “clearly not telling the truth” to the grand jury. Specifically, McCulloch acknowledged he permitted a woman who “clearly wasn’t present when this occurred” to testify as an eyewitness to the grand jury for several hours. The woman, Sandra McElroy, testified that Michael Brown charged at Wilson “like a football player, head down,” supporting Wilson’s claim that he killed Brown in self-defense.

Do you think McCulloch’s misconduct is enough to warrant a new case against Darren Wilson? Rulings have been thrown out for less in the past. Give us your take in the comments section.

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