North Korea Feared To Be Planning Nuclear Terror Attack

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Despite the fact that Sony has agreed not to release Kim Jong-Un spoof The Interview, North Korea is still out for blood.

New reports suggest that Kim Jong-Un may be planning a nuclear terrorist attack that would bring the world to it’s knees. North Korea has become the main suspect in the recent hacking attack of South Korea’s computer system that controls their nuclear power stations. Experts say that this suggests Kim Jong-Un is planning a nuclear attack on the world.

“This demonstrated that, if anyone is intent with malice to infiltrate the system, it would be impossible to say with confidence that such an effort would be blocked completely,” said Suh Kune-yull of Seoul National University.

“And a compromise of nuclear reactors’ safety pretty clearly means there is a gaping hole in national security,” he added.

North Korea is believed to be employing an elite team of computer geniuses who spend their time hacking into computer systems around the world. This top secret department is known as Bureau 121.

If the hackers could hack into the nuclear system in South Korea, they could probably gain access to American nuclear codes as well. It remains to be seen what North Korea will do with their new nuclear power, but whatever they have up their sleeves can’t be good…

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H/T: Daily Mail

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