Gang Issues Horrifying Order to Kill All White Cops

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The Heartless Felons, an Ohio street gang, has issued an order to their members to kill all white cops in retaliation for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The Cuyhoga County Sheriff’s Office did not release details regarding how authorities learned of the threat, concerned that the gang might benefit by learning as much.

In response to the threat from the Heartless Felons, the Solon Police Department issued this notice to their officers:

“This is a time period of turbulence and unrest that we have not experienced in a long time. Be extra careful to watch your backs, on duty and off.”

The Heartless Felons could not have chosen a more fitting name for their gang. Except, perhaps, ‘Brainless Felons.’ That one would also describe the band of thugs quite accurately. Share this report if you think every known member of this gang should be locked up before they can murder any innocent police officers.

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H/T: Wounded American Warrior

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