North Korea Threatens to “Blow Up” the White House

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Apparently, it wasn’t enough to hack the emails of SONY Pictures execs. Now North Korea wants to blow up the White House, too.

The North Korean government has claimed they were not the ones who hacked SONY. They have also claimed that there is “clear evidence” that the U.S. government was behind the making of the comedy The Interview, which follows Seth Rogen and James Franco as they embark on a secret mission to assassinate Kim Jong-un.

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This all seems to fit nicely into Kim Jong-un’s master plan to nuke the U.S. and take over the world. I wonder what it feels like to constantly be so detached from reality…

Let’s be honest. Kim Jong-un has wanted to blow up the White House since his tiny dictatorial brain could form thoughts. The Interview, though a hilarious joke, made every Marxist bone in his body seethe with rage. What do you do if you’re the power-crazed ruler of a communist regime? Threaten to blow up the White House, of course.

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