North Korea Threatens To Escalate Cyber Attacks On U.S.

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“The Interview” is a comedy based on the premise that an entertainment journalist obtains an interview with the leader of North Korea and is asked by the CIA to murder him. Again, a comedy. It defies reason that North Korea finds such satire is worthy of retaliation.

What is even more unbelievable is that Sony would permit some 2-bit practically 3rd world government to determine what movies it will or will not release. Trailers for “The Interview” played for over a month before the film’s producers pulled it from theaters. Very strange indeed.

First, this is the United States, land of the free and home of the brave. Our entertainment industry has parodied murder plots of political leaders in this country and elsewhere. It is actually common practice to take serious subject matter and make light of it. That is the American way in many circumstances.

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Secondly, where are the free speech activists and defenders of art in all its forms? Sony has every right to produce this movie, in which millions of dollars are invested, and to see it brought to a theater near you. Conversely, the media giant also has the right to stick its tail between its legs and let some random Asian dictator “make” them not distribute it.

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And finally, we the people have a right to absolutely laugh at the absurdity that the U.S. government somehow sanctioned this movie as a threat to North Korea as they claim. Beyond laughable. It is communist regimes like that of North Korea who have absolute control over every expression of art or comedy or anything. In the United States, Mr. Un, individuals get to write scripts and find companies to produce them. A return on investment is guaranteed when the movie is released and free individuals choose to purchase tickets to see it or not.

It is high time the United States acts like the bastion of freedom and hope of the earth that it is. Political and business leaders need to stop bowing to the demands of dictators, stop negotiating with terrorists, and stop trying to thwart every baseless threat from despots. With a strong military and a strong will, the people of the United States should be able to enjoy a mindless comedy if they so choose. That is freedom, after all.


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