Murderer Of NYPD Officers Has Strange Association With Obama

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Ismaaiyl Abdulah Brinsley, cop killer, is suspected of association with the Black Guerrilla Family prison gang. It was reported earlier this month that members of this gang were “preparing to shoot on duty police officers” according to Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins.

What does this have to do with Obama? There is a bit of a timeline, but this murderer may have fewer than seven degrees of separation from him.

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If reports of Brinsley’s association with the Black Guerrilla Family are true, then he and the president can be connected by more than philosophy. This gang rose to prominence in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s primarily within the prison system. The most famous member, George Jackson, was involved in the bloodiest incident ever in San Quentin prison in 1971. Six men were killed, three guards and three inmates, as Jackson attempted to escape prison after he obtained a firearm behind prison walls.

This gang had close ties and affiliations with the Symbionese Liberation Army, Black Liberation Army, and the Weather Underground, to name only a few. Later, association with the Crips and the Bloods has been noted. For the purposes of connecting leftist ideology and the sitting POTUS to the Black Guerrilla Family, The Weather Underground is very important.


Bill Ayers was a founding member of the terrorist organization and was himself involved in the murder of innocents to bring attention to the injustice her perceived. Ayers is also the individual in Chicago who hosted an event in his home that effectively launched the career of Barak Hussein Obama. The two men served on boards together, largely related to education reform. It is interesting that one of the more controversial initiatives undertaken by this administration has been the implementation of common core standards for education.

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This is not to say that Obama new the murderer directly. That would be an outrageous claim. It is disturbing, however, that the President and a cop murderer share the same inspirational figures, hold similar political positions, and are associated with terrorists. It just might explain why Obama has fostered such mistrust of the police and engaged in racial division. Brinsley made his statement with a gun, Obama does it with a phone and a pen.

H/T: Info Wars

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