Twitter War: Fire De Blasio V. Happy NYPD Officers Dead…No One Wins

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December 20, 2014, Brooklyn, NY. Two police officers were ambushed in their cruiser and murdered in cold blood. Twitter has erupted with blame for Obama, Holder, De Blasio, Sharpton, Jackson…any public figure who defended the criminals and criticized the police in the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner. Another movement on the social media site is also demanding the resignation of Mayor De Blasio. A number of those involved in the defense of the two decedents have tweeted praise for the murderer, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who also murdered a female prior to “putting wings on two pigs” as per his own Twitter page.

Does anyone remember the hope and change Obama supporters insisted he would bring even though none of them could define it? The few who made meager attempts brought up “improved race relations” and “a role model for black youth.” How’s that working out?

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Black unemployment is at the highest rate in decades. More black children are born to single mothers than ever before in history. More black babies are aborted than born in New York city and other metropolitan areas. Black on black crime, specifically murder, is on the rise and is epidemic in Chicago. Blacks have recovered more slowly from the 2008 recession than any other ethnic group. What, exactly, has Barak Obama done for the black community and race relations while in office?

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He has accused the Boston police of racism. The half-Latino shooter of Trayvon Martin? Racist. Darren Wilson, who was not indicted in the death of Mike Brown: racist. Police in New York are required to enforce taxes on cigarettes and Eric Garner is now dead. NYPD is labeled racist. It would appear that not only are the black family, workforce, and educational opportunities at their lowest points since Civil Rights Legislation, but race relations have disintegrated under our first black President.

Those calling Obama and De Blasio murderers are engaged in hyperbole:

deblasio tweet

Accusations like these will certainly get the author labeled a racist and they fail to address any real problems. They will incite further riots and inspire more petitions.

Those praising the murderer who viciously took out those sworn to serve and protect are terrorists.
cop tweet

Neither of these extremes of behavior is acceptable in a civilized society like the United States of America. Were Obama and De Blasio wrong to throw police officers under the bus with the rest of the race baiters? YES, of course. Their job is to unite, not divide and to ensure the safety of those whose job it is to protect the public. Creating a ridiculous image of white cops as murderers of “innocent, unarmed black teens” is not only inaccurate, it is irresponsible. Calling for De Blasio’s resignation is reasonable. If the families of the deceased police officers do not want him in attendance at their funerals, that is their right. Saying he should be charged with murder is more than a stretch and does not encourage a functional, free society.

“Shouts out” to murderers makes you guilty of being a terrorist and a moron by association. “A life for a life” is no longer the standard by which justice is measured. This murderer was just looking for an excuse to murder. He has not honored the lives of Brown or Garner and he has actually furthered the mistrust some in law enforcement have of young black men since, by the leftist media’s standards, they obviously hunt down white police officers and murder them. Oh…wait…neither of the murdered officers was white. Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were Latino and Asian respectively, which is completely irrelevant. These two men were NYPD officers on patrol who had the right to return home alive. The criminal vigilante who murdered them sneaked up behind them like the coward he is and murdered them in cold blood. His death will not be mourned.

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It is time for our nation to heal. Hiding behind a tweet and typing things one would never say in public is for cowards. Real Americans will sign a petition or publicly protest if they want their Mayor removed from office and apply their real name for the public record. Real activists will publicly protest in a non-violent manner without breaking the law and voice their position for all to hear. These actions can affect change. Tweeting is just a private diatribe for people with nothing better to do. Americans should pray for the families of the fallen officers, the living officers, the fallen victims, and the criminals who shoot each other in the street; the whole nation. Divine intervention may just be what is required here for all parties.

H/T: Daily Mail and The Blaze

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