Why Are The Feds Providing Military Vehicles To Small Town Sheriffs?

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December 20, Spokane, Washington. A protest has been planned in response to claims the Sheriff’s new MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle) is to round up “Constitutionalists.”

This is a recording of only one woman’s encounter, but there are reports of numerous small town Sheriff’s Departments receiving militarized equipment. Referencing people who “stock pile” weapons is an affront to those who support the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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While those in power are attempting to down play the significance of what this officer said, one must wonder why small towns are being militarized. With Obama’s despotic record, anything that comes from the federal government to aid law enforcement is suspect.

Add the simultaneous message from the White House that police officers cannot be trusted and blacks are being targeted and murdered by police, how can officers be trusted with military caliber equipment? The mixed signals are highly suspicious and many were present in Spokane today to protest the militarization of this department.

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There are those who believe reporters on the ground have stumbled into a plot to implement martial law. Others are more concerned that nothing is being done about Sharia law’s growing influence within the U.S. borders and the lawlessness on the southern border. Suffice it to say that most U.S. citizens distrust either the White House or their local law enforcement. It is this mistrust that has led to the “Constitutionalist” movement referenced here. Under threat of having the right to bear arms infringed, many have resorted to “stockpiling” weapons; whatever that is supposed to mean.

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