Exposed: Jodi Arias’ Secret Testimony of Lurid Sexual Affair

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Testimony by Jodi Arias during the penalty phase of her murder trial may soon be exposed, as she was improperly allowed to testify in private, ruled the Arizona Court of Appeals. Judge Sherry Stephens decided to close the court to the media and public during the testimony, when a then-secret witness refused to testify in public. We now know that the witness in question was actually the convicted murderess, Arias.

Arias cited the Fifth, Eighth and 14th Amendments in her argument for testifying in secret, saying that she risked death threats by testifying openly. Her lawyer stated “the media coverage of her testimony would affect her ability to think and answer questions in a manner she truly means to.”

However, the media was quick to challenge Stephens’ ruling, saying it violated the First Amendment. According to Courthouse News, a three-judge appellate panel found that Arias did not have the right to refuse to testify in public, thus we will soon know all the details of her lurid affair with the victim, Travis Alexander, and his brutal murder.

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