N. Korean Terrorists On US Soil!

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A declassified intelligence report revealed that North Korea sent special forces teams to the US in the 1990’s to target nuclear power stations and conduct terror attacks on major US cities in the event of war.

North Korea actually was successful in infiltrating five – count ’em, five – units of highly-trained commandos into the U.S., waiting for orders to sabotage key installations around the country. They were trained at five liaison offices established by the North Korean Ministry of People’s Armed Forces.

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It is believed that the commando units were ordered by Kim Jong Il because North Korea was void of any long-range missile capability. Today, they are believed to have at least two kinds of long-range ballistic missile capable of reaching U.S. soil.

The source of the has not yet been disclosed, but it is possible that the leak comes from a defector or electronic surveillance.

According to The Daily Mail reports that the redacted document was recently released through a Freedom of Information Act request. This on the heels of hackers, supposedly working for North Korea, successfully forced Sony to withdraw a comedy film, titled The Interview, about a ridiculously flopped plan to assassinate Kim Jon Un.

The U.S. government said yesterday it was weighing the proportional response to the sophisticated perpetrator of a cyberattack that crippled Sony Pictures, exposed its executives and led to the cancellation of the film ‘The Interview.’

Spokesman Josh Earnest said the White House is not in a position to confirm that North Korea is responsible for the hack at Sony, after a US official said Wednesday that Washington may soon formally announce the involvement of the Pyongyang government.

The effect of any response, such as cyber retaliation or financial sanctions, could be limited, U.S. experts said.

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