Big Announcement Made Regarding Officer Darren Wilson

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Even though a grand jury decided not to indict him last month, it appears that Darren Wilson’s troubles are far from over.

Michael Brown’s parents have announced that they will pursue “every legal avenue” to make sure Wilson is “held accountable” for the death of their son.

“The family greatly wanted to have the killer of their unarmed son held accountable,” Brown family lawyer Benjamin Crump said in an interview Sunday.

Crump said that Brown’s parents were livid after Wilson said his conscience was clear, despite his role in the shooting.

“They just feel that’s just very cold,” he said. “His mother and father don’t think Officer Wilson had any consideration for their child. And they wonder if he ever had a conscience. And so that’s troubling to them. And we want police officers that do have a conscience in our community, not police officers that are as cold as ice and see our children as demons and criminals.”

Brown’s parents and supporters are continuing to ignore the fact that the young man had no respect for Officer Wilson’s life, or anyone else’s for that matter. Mike Brown was a thief and a violent thug in life, but in death he is a holy martyr for race baiters everywhere.

Unfortunately, it looks as if Officer Wilson may be forced to pay for his “crime” in the legal world after all.

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H/T: Young Cons

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