Tebow Shocks Fans With This Announcement!

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Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is creating a stir with his latest announcement. Known for hard work and evangelical living on the football field, Tebow is taking his good will and stretching it half way around the world.

The Conservative Tribune reports that Tebow is getting together with the organization “CURE International to design and build the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City, Philippines. The hospital is going to aid children who cannot afford critical orthopedic surgery and other treatments currently unavailable to them.

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The Philippines is a second home for Tebow. He was born there and his mother and father lived and worked in Makati City as missionaries.

“I have always had a great love and passion for the Filipino people,” Tebow said. “It is so exciting to be able to provide healing and care for thos incredible deserving children halfway around the world.”

The hospital will have 30 beds, several operating rooms, and over 50 healthcare workers on staff to provide treatment for the children. Many of the medical procedures that will be provided for the Filipino children are routine here in the U.S., but rare in poorer countries.

“These are simple procedures we take for granted in the U.S.,” explained Erik Dellenback, the Executive Director of the Tim Tebow Foundation.

The reality is that we hope to show people in the Philippines that there is faith, hope and love out there. We want to show them that the Western world cares about them and that they’re not a deserted nation.”

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Though not in the NFL for a long time, Tim Tebow has taken what was given to him and turned around to bless others. Living his faith every day, it is beautiful to see a ‘celebrity’ that worries about other people getting what they need over their own selfish impulses.

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